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Probably the most frequently asked question is “What does Kairosix mean?” The actual name came from the Greek word “Kairos.” Kairos means “right or opportune moment.” The name also finds its meaning in the New Testament and is defined as “the appointed time in the purpose of God.” When our founders, Mark and Heather Omran researched this, there was no question as to the name of the company. Understanding the importance of moving in tune with God, Mark and Heather both believed the time was right for the company and believe the name was a perfect match. Adding “ix” on the end was simply a tech-ie addition, but the root of the name stands strong.At Kairosix, we believe that it is also your time, your opportune moment to make an impact on the Internet. Specializing in church and ministry website development, Kairosix strives to capture your vision and make it our vision. Utilizing the Internet to spread your message and that of the Gospel, has not been explored and thus has not been given credibility when ministries or churches entertain the idea of a website. Yet, with more and more people flooding the Internet, now is the time to make your message known!We offer many packages that allow churches and companies of any size to have an Internet presence. With our predefined website template packages, there is no up front money. You simply sign up for a monthly hosting package and then choose from one of our many templates. Your site will be set up with an easy to use administration panel, that will make adding your own images, text and pages very easy and quick. For companies wanting a more unique design, we offer completely customized websites and website applications to suit every need. Contact us to discuss how we can assist you in your Internet presence. Allow Kairosix to grasp your vision and make it ours. Our passion is to see you successful in every area possible!
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